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Steve Jobs

Finally got my copy of Steve Jobs by Walter isaacson. 🙂 🙂 ….Can’t wait to dig in….The cover looks beautiful….simple and minimalistic…just like all of Jobs’ creations. I LOVE IT 🙂

Will write more about the book once I finish it 🙂 🙂

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yaaaaaayyyy!!!! 50,000+ views!!!! :) :)

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How many books can you possibly juggle at any point of time? Well, I don’t mean literally juggling them(the irony!) ….but reading them, ofcourse. I have broken my own record this time. I have atleast half a dozen half-read books. Mind you, i haven’t quit on any of them. Just taking my own sweet time to finish.

1) Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy [Love the way Tolstoy narrates….a true classic]

2) The Code Book by Simon Singh [numbers …numbers…more numbers….well codes actually….loving it]

3)Ultimate Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams [well, its an omnibus of 5 books and am through 3 of them……absolutely hilarious :D….there are moments that I am laughing out loud like a mental :D]

4) The Foundation Series by Isaac Asimov[aaaah…how I love Asimov]

5)The Geek Nation by Angela Saini [this is a crappy book…well, i want to finish it because shelled 400 bucks for it ]

6) The Fifth Mountain by Paulo Coelho [yet to make up my mind about it]

7) What Do You Care What Other People Think? by Richard Feynman [absolutely loving it:)]

8) Madame Bovary by Gustave Flaubert [ am not sure about this one too……let me finish it and get back ]


I have been juggling all these books for the past one month and I am yet to finish any of them but now that I read the list my head spins!! Is this what they call multitasking?

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I hate you

Oh, how I hate you…

Why are you so beautiful? So beautiful than the full moon on a lonely night?

Why is your voice sweeter than the sweetest honey?

Why is your heart bigger than the biggest moutain?

Why do I hold my breath in the twinkle of your eye?

Why does the heart cry for all that casual nonchalance?

Oh, I hate you all the more…..Stop raiding my dreams….Stop conquering my worlds…..

Oh, how I hate you…

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What is suffering? Suffering is being hungry and being deprived of something you need …..can’t remember where I read that. Makes sense. Just as having ‘everything’ doesn’t encertain happiness, having ‘nothing doesn’t mean one is suffering. Sometimes we are told its good to suffer because otherwise we won’t attach value to anything or anybody…. Yearning for something…..anything for that matter… the only motivation to ‘live’…… else we just ‘exist’.

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friends and more…

I read this book recently…..The Rule of Four. It was quite interesting….I had started it some time long back but had not  finished having gotten bored somehow. Well, it was a nice read. Am I trying to promote the book here? Not really. The plot basically revolves around an ancient book that has been perplexing many through the centuries. That was the boring part for me though. But what I liked was the way the evolution of characters of the four protagonists was portrayed. [Yeah…I am starting to like books that give importance to character development rather than the plot. But then, I always have!] This particular book was mostly about growing up,…….friendship,……being there for one another, college life, fun and frolicking,  etc… Considering the fact that the book was written by two people who are best friends in their real lives, the characterization sounded credible. There were certain moments were it got me thinking about my life….my friends…..mostly as to what a lousy friend I am at times….. I am eternally grateful to my friends. They are my treasures……They put up with all my tantrums….my drama sessions…. my prolonged silences at times….my cynical and sarcastic comments when all they need is a loving word….. I know my shortcomings…..clearly am not perfect…. [well, nobody is] but am glad they even like me.  There is always something I am trying to learn from them……. I am lucky to have such friends in my life…..Hope I continue to be this lucky!

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One Hundred Years of Solitude

If you were expecting a review of the classic by Gabriel Marquez, read no further.

Solitude, like happiness, is essentially a state of the mind. People sitting in the same room can all dwell in their own different worlds simultaneously… while a person who is alone in the literal sense may share a beautiful, inexplicable bond with someone far away.

But either way, I feel, we are always alone no matter what. Yes, there are a few people that you share everything with but there will always be a few things you cannot share with anyone at all…even if you try. Scary part of it is that there are people who can actually read our mind and precisely say what we are thinking. Honestly, I get freaked out when someone does that! But then, it hurts when people don’t understand you at all. At such times the rebel inside me comes out and says, “I don’t give a damn!” Don’t I? I don’t know!

We meet people new people day in and day out. Sometimes we like them and sometimes we don’t. When we like them, we want them to like us too. But when we don’t like them, we give them the metaphoric finger even if they hound us. Ok, that’s not true. That’s what goes on in our mind. But outside, we smile anyway I guess.

For oft, when on my couch I lie

In vacant or in pensive mood,

They flash upon that inward eye

 Which is the bliss of solitude;

 And then my heart with pleasure fills,

And dances with the daffodils.


–          Wordsworth


Well, for most of us it’s not the flash of daffodils that fill our hearts with pleasure. It’s the people. And to the inward eye, whose home is the Utopia…..everything is perfect even if it’s not and will never be. There are times when we sit and stare at the wall blankly (well, that’s how it would look, right?) ….. but our so called inward eye is miles and miles away….far, far away….. Now, is that what is called ‘bliss of solitude’? I still don’t know! But honestly speaking, such quiet moments for ourselves is required, no matter how crazy it may look. Only then can we put life into a perspective…..and analyze the Do’s and Don’ts……….

Even if being alone is the bliss at times…….every single person on this planet has the fear of being forgotten. Not much of the bliss now, is it? Well, anthropologically speaking too, humans thrive only in flocks. So there it is. Proof! But we were talking about the solitary state of the mind…….not the physical entity. I guess we are lonely creatures after all……





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some blabber…

Mixed feelings…confused thoughts…..sleepless…. irritated….missing you

So many emotions…more than I can handle right now. I have nothing to say which is why I don’t even know why I am blogging. Give me a hand. I need a break. Even better would be a chance to change my past……Things that felt right before seem so stupid right now……I find myself lost….in the middle of nowhere….with no one beside… I don’t have time to take a breather……still I feel am stuck.

Friends….people I love….all seem strange…..Ofcourse! It’s not them. It’s me! I have estranged myself……pulling away….

Feel like crying my heart out…..but no…that would make me a coward? I don’t care.

All of it wouldn’t matter…….if only….

You are right……I am stupid.

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My Fears

I fear …..the darkness where your eyes don’t shine on me

           ……the silence when your lips are sealed

           ……the time which takes you away from me

  Yes, I fear …….the indifference…….yes, scary it is

Well, my deepest fear….. Don’t you still know what it is?

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Football Fever :D ;)


A severe affliction is sweeping the nation! 

There is little or no hope for those individuals who contract the ailment. While women are not immune [including me :P], it seems to strike the male gender more frequently and with greater severity. Often the sick individual fails to recognize the disorder and will insist that he or she is perfectly well and everyone else is sick. 

While this syndrome has no agreed upon medical name, it is sometimes referred to as “Football Fever”. Here are the danger signs:

You wish you had a ‘bigger’ screen TV to watch the matches.

You record one game on the DTH while watching another.

You argue with instant replays.

You need a day off work to recover if your team loses the game.

You have a tee shirt with a sports logo not only for your favorite team, but for every team in the league. (Yes, hats count too.)

If someone asks you a question, you do not answer until half time.

The remote control button for ESPN is worn down to a nub.

Your life’s ambition is to go down there and watch every single game.

You want to paint your house in your team’s colors.

You channel surf; you watch the game both on TV and on the Internet, or you watch more than one TV set at the same time.

If someone says, How are you?” you say “Three points behind.”

You would rather watch football than eat.

You wish that the day of finals was a national holiday.

You can’t carry on a conversation without bringing up football.

You are offended when someone likes a different team and want to argue about which team is better.

You only speak in sports lingo.

You think being called a “sports fanatic” is a compliment.

You hit the TV or computer and yell at it when your team misses a play.

You can’t remember your spouse’s or your best friend’s birthday, but know the score of every game for the season and what teams played.

Now….are you sure that you are not infected????

If you have more than five of the above symptoms, please call the following toll free number: 0-1800-987654321

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