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Finally ,I got to see the movie! I have been waiting for it to release ever since it started.. Now, am I satisfied? Do i like the movie?  Ofcourse  i do! ? Being a hardcore fan of Kamal Hassan, I guess,I will like any movie he acts in. It’s kind of an obligation I have towards him.[giggles]


As it is, Kamal tries to spin the tale around the ten characters and not vice versa, which has resulted in making the story line highly predictable. But, with two to three Kamals in every scene I just don’t know which one to follow! He just dominates every frame, every scene, and the entire movie. Although for fans like me its utter jubilation to watch him perform throughout the movie, I believe others,  who are not such a big fan ,might feel they are being subjected to an overdose of Kamal Hassan!


The story in itself is highly simple .Govind , the scientist,  tries to protect a highly dangerous bio-hazard weapon from going in to the wrong hands[read as the villain Kamal]. Thats it! With just this skeleton, he weaves and weaves to bring in ten different characters. The make up has been done brilliantly, although some characters like Asin’s grandmother, Krishnaveni are outright scary. While some like Chris Fletcher , George Bush and Balram Naidu are just perfect! I should also add that the 12th century character of Rangarajan Nambi was impeccable! What a performance! Perfection personified!


One has to admire the grandeur of the movie which rules through out the movie. The research centre where Kamal works as a scientist reminds us of Hollywood movies. Especially the scene where the monkey dies reminds us of Resident Evil Part One. The 12th century scenario is also highly applaudable. But the best of all is the scene of the tsunami. The mere attempt by K.S.Ravikumar to show something so larger than life has to be praised. The graphics are mind blowing as well. There are several scenes with three to five Kamals , all in action…!

Thanks to the director, our funny bones are tickled constantly. For some reason Asin keeps screeching at the top of her lungs, which is highly irritating. Reshammiya’s  music is hummable, although personally I would have preferred Rahman.

Is it worth a second watch.  Yes. I m gonna watch it again. My friends will argue, I know. Still ,I will. J




  1. Observe clearly, There are many Nandies on the wall of Govindarajulu Temple. Is it ok for you

  2. Actually yes. I did.But, infact i dont give a damn about the fight between the shaivites and the vaishnavites. Just concentrate on the master performer and all the little bloopers fade away.

  3. oh! actually i didnt get time to c the movie, being a fan u are just justifying all his deads… may be… from some true critics if film world…. most important comment was that tsunami is the best in deshavatharam than some of tha kamal!! may be… for making such a huge project some thing should be compramised….

    in kamalahasam i see a different personality… eg. once in an interview in kerala, when asked about religion and God he said very frankly that its merely a private, and personal aspect….. such type of openness make him different…. and very openly it can be said that he is talented!!! than anything else…

    so then speaking of ur ability in writing its improving…. means u r finding new topics… to say broadening the perspective of writing,,,, keep it….

    may be expecting a book from u….

  4. thnx suni,
    its not like that. I admit i m a very big fan of Kamal, yet, I only appreciate his good movies and performances. As for his talent , no question about that, but, i guess sometimes he is baffled as to what works for him and ends up in messes like ‘pammal .k sammandam’, kadala kadala, etc. by the way these are the some of the few movies of him which i positively hate!

    As to his comments about belief in god, the dialogues in the movie should not be taken as his own personal comments.

  5. […] the trademark of K S Ravikumar appearing in at least one shot. But K S Ravikumar crooning about Kamal in the last song Ulaga Nayagane….”You have to be a UN member…You have to get an […]

  6. Sorry. this one just did not cut it for me. It was too loud and over-dramatic and Asin was woeful.

    Somehow, I always prefer Kamal in his comedies. I loved Kaadala Kaadala 🙂

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